Artisans and producers

We pride ourselves in our cuisine but couldn’t do so without our producers. Our Chef has carefully chosen his local partners, considering the quality of their produce, their taste, and their growing methods. They’re all within a 50-kilometre range from our gastronomic restaurant: we value local distribution networks, and our Chef is often off to pick up the products himself, so better stay close!

Discover our artisan producers below:


Roche Sieurin

Roche Sieurin

Cidre – Jus de Pomme
Ferme Hérault 76930 Octeville-sur-Mer 
Tel. : 02 35 54 52 60

La Criée de Fécamp Restaurant Etretat - Domaine Saint Clair 

La Criée de Fécamp

Quai Sadi Carnot 76400 Fécamp

la Ferme des Sapins Etretat 

La Ferme des Sapins

Foie gras
76111 Yport
Tel. 02 35 28 94 87

ferme aux escagrots Etretat 

La Ferme aux Escargots

Sandrine Thierry
300, allée des colimaçons – Hameau de la Hétrée – 76400 Maniquerville
Tel. 02 35 20 75 61


La Chèvrerie du Valaine

Fromage de chèvre
Route du Havre 76790 Etretat
Tel. 06 98 66 09 08

Kitchen garden

Over the years, with a great deal of patience and our gardener’s special touch, our kitchen garden has flourished. Between March and October, we invite you to lose yourself in this maze of fruit and vegetables with a thousand-and-one scents. Give free rein to your curiosity and discover our aromatic herbs, seasonal fruit and vegetables, while enjoying the fresh country air in peace and quiet.

Our chef works with fruit, vegetables and herbs from our vegetable garden of 350 m2: a real privilege and a guarantee of sublime, authentic taste in your plates.

We try our best to grow our own products, to bring that special little touch to your plate. Our bartender does so too, try his famous Mint Mojito for example!

We recently added 5 five beehives to our garden.

Collège Culinaire de France

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