Plan you seminars in Etretat

Seminars, workshops and meetings

Treat your employees an extraordinary working environment in the middle of the countryside. To host your seminars and work meetings in Etretat, Normandy, Le Donjon Domaine Saint Clair à Étretat offers three comfortable, fully equipped lounges with sea view, and a library.

  • Intimate and cosy, the Créateurs lounge overlooks Etretat, its cliffs and the sea.
  • More spacious, the Monet lounge opens onto the village, sea and patio.
  • The Ivoire lounge offers untrammelled views of the sea and valley.
  • Plush atmosphere and fireplace in the library lounge.

In or near Le Donjon, we offer a wide range of activities to motivate your teams and promote bonding, such as oenology workshops, cookery lessons, a guided tour of Etretat or sport activities such as an adventure trail, golf, a horse rides or tennis…

Le Donjon Domaine Saint Clair à Étretat offers packages including:

  • Hire of plenary rooms and breakout rooms
  • Meals
  • Coffee breaks
  • Tailor-made incentives
  • Accommodation

Please contact us - we will be delighted to respond to any requests and offer you a complete, tailor-made package.

Our lounges also have the following facilities:

  • Flipchart
  • TV
  • Screen
  • Video projector
  • Internet access
  • Direct telephone
  • Other equipment can be hired on request
  • DVD player
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • On request: xerox, fax and other equipment

The secret room, a private escape game 

Our secret room is well hidden in Le Donjon's library. Don't be afraid ! Come in to play the game ! Ask for the password and unlock the door. Alone or in good company, give your best a trying to unveil the mystery of Madeleine's disappeance back in the time of Guy de Maupassant. Trust us, you'll have a lot of fun !

Capacity and room plans

See the capacity of the various areas for hire :

Salon des Créateurs
Theatre18 p.
Class12 p.
U12 / 20 p.
Banquet35 - 40 p.
Cocktail30 p.
Salon Ivoire
Theatre15 p.
Class12 p.
U16 p.
Banquet45 p.
Cocktail40 p.
Salon Monet
Theatre60 p.
Class20 p.
U30 p.
Banquet60 - 65 p.
Cocktail80 p.
Theatre120 p.
Class80 p.
U- p.
Banquet90 p.
Cocktail200 p.
Theatre120 p.
Class- p.
U- p.
Banquet150 p.
Cocktail300 p.